Social Media Trends 2021

Social Media Marketing only pays results when it is aligned with the latest social media trends. And they are evolving every day. This is an information era with technology evolving every day. To stay ahead in the game we need to pace our development with that of a market.

Here is the list of the latest Social Media Trends 2021 that will help you in staying ahead in the game:

Social Commerce:

 Social media plays a vital role in the purchase decisions of today’s generation. Almost 50% of users use social media to research products. And social media referrals play almost one-fourth of users’ purchase decisions. Quick easy shopping is the new advent of social media. Through social media, various businesses are blooming and various social media platforms are solely focused on enhancing user experience. Instagram has introduced features like product tags and easy checkout.

Whereas Facebook leads you to make a shop on their platform which can be easily accessible and things can be bought from there. Social Commerce shortens and simplifies the journey of the buyer. We can use it to buy directly from the platform and help in reducing abandoned transactions. Through social commerce the buyer doesn’t need to visit the website, he/she can directly buy it from the social media platform. Setting up storefronts and making post shoppable is one of the new strategies to gain prospective customers

Social Media Trends 2021

 Video Content: 

Today’s generation is more interested in watching video content. Almost 85% of people make product decisions after watching online videos. Approx half of the people prefer a video that has information videos that vary from 3-6 minutes depending on the context of the video.

Almost 70% of people go to Youtube for purchasing decisions. Video Content is the need of the hour, whether there are spaces like Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Facebook, or YouTube. Instagram stories are the best way to make your brand stand out. It creates awareness. A good Instagram strategy when it comes to promoting your product is essential for good social media marketing. It creates brand awareness and attracts customers. Video content should be catchy and trendy that keeps the potential customer interested. The average span is 8 seconds to gain a person’s interest. Therefore, the quality of the content should be grasping for the customer to stay connected.  

 Augmented Reality: 

AR creates an experience that is interactive and effective. And it also helps in boosting engagement on your social media platform. Nowadays different brands are focusing on AR to promote their products. And create an interactive channel for their viewers and potential customers. As it keeps the viewers engaged and also helps in building new customer relations. Augmented Reality can be also used as a source of entertainment for building strong customer relations. Augmented reality could also be used in social commerce where you could give your customers a chance to try the products through AR. Like Nykaa, they provide an option where you could try a different shade of lipstick through your photos. AR can help you get real-life experience. Instagram introduced AR back in 2019. And it is actually the future of social media marketing.

Social Media Trends 2021 that will help you in staying ahead in the game

Virtual Reality: 

Virtual Reality became a trend during a pandemic when people wanted to close the distance with their loved ones. Through virtual reality, one could feel like they are living in reality while living far away from someone. Through virtual reality, interaction becomes easier. Even Facebook has recently beta-tested through the Oculus VR platform that provides people with a virtual reality that can make it easier for them to interact and explore and play various games.


Good deeds attract customers. In a poll survey on Twitter, almost 75% of people get attracted to a brand that performs good deeds for society. Customers focus on companies that also help society during the crisis. A purpose-driven social media campaign is one way for brands to enter into a series of conversations and to a successful marketing strategy. But one thing is also essential to know your standing and know when to back off from a sensitive topic before it escalates into something else entirely. The audience believes in the brand which shows leadership quality along with sensitivity towards prevailing issues rather than turning blind eye to them.


Your content should be diversified in its approach. It should create conversations that would lead the user to feel heard. Almost 70% of users think that companies don’t post interesting posts. Audiences appreciate a brand that shows support to every community and makes them part of their marketing and operation process. A study by Accenture shows that almost 30% of the audience cares about brand diversity and inclusivity. Diversity/Inclusivity has become significant for a brand to adopt as it is the next major trend in Social Media. And will help different Social Media Marketing strategies to play out well.

I hope Social Media Trends 2021 is useful to you .

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