What is WhatsApp Marketing ? Benefits of using WhatsApp Marketing ?

What is WhatsApp Marketing ? Benefits of using WhatsApp Marketing ? – When you think of different ways of doing marketing, channels of talks, and engaging with customers. What comes first to your mind? Facebook with around 2.16 billion active users or Instagram with 799 million users or might be twitter with 310 million users. Many of us mainly focus on these platforms to market products and services.  

And what if you get to know that a regular platform that we use to communicate with our friends and families can turn into a great opportunity to market products and services and that platform is WhatsApp. It is known as WhatsApp Marketing.

So what is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is an application that helps in sending free messages without charging anyone. Whom you want to send messages domestically or internationally. 

Now some people may wonder iMessage also does the same! It does but not everyone has a 1 Lakh rupee iPhone.

So, 2 ex-yahoo employees created Whatsapp in 2009. As they wanted to make communication easy and free for everyone. From there, the journey of WhatsApp began and from then WhatsApp has 450 active monthly users and in 2014 it was taken up by Facebook as well. Facebook took WhatsApp twice the rate of they took Instagram as they saw that it had way more potential than any other platform that currently exists.

Over time Whatsapp grew even more and now you can not only send messages but also can send –

  • Images 
  • Voice Messages 
  • Videos 
  • Documents 
  • GIF’s 

On WhatsApp, you can now do video and voice calling. Because of the competition that exists e.g. Skype.

Benefits of doing Whatsapp Marketing

Using WhatsApp marketing can give a golden opportunity that will help you in improving your marketing strategy. There can be 4 outcomes of using Whatsapp marketing :

Relationship With Customers – A study shows approx 50% more people connect with a brand if they come from any messaging app. This makes WhatsApp marketing a very suitable platform for marketing because it helps to build a strong relationship with the customer. As WhatsApp gives you the ability to send personalized messages, congratulation, etc . 70% of consumers in a survey said they engage with personalized messages. This helps the brand to keep customers engaged. 

High Rate Of Conversion – It is crucial to create and choose a perfect strategy to contact customers. A study said that approx 40% of customers answered their message. As messaging drives a conversation. Messaging after the first contact plays a very important role as it increases the conversion rate up to 110%. 

Better Sales – Whatsapp Marketing may result in magic as adding a Whatsapp number on your WhatsApp may increase by 20-25% of more leads and conversions. You can now think of using Whatsapp marketing for your business to increase your sales as 60% of people feel more confident to buy any product/service from a business that is more active on any messengers.

Low-Cost Marketing – Whatsapp Marketing is a very affordable marketing platform. That is suitable for small businesses. The probability of your message getting noticed is way more than you may think. Because a user checks WhatsApp 23 or more times in a day.

WhatsApp Marketing helps in driving more connections, conversions, helps in improving sales and also allows to build a relationship with customers . It cost very little as compared to what marketing expenditure is. 

How You Can Reach Your Target Audience on WhatsApp?

Once you set up your business account on WhatsApp it’s now time to see how you want to reach your audience. WhatsApp is a platform used for messaging people, friends, and families sharing personal thoughts. You have to adapt, customize messages that will relate to your brand and will appeal to the customers to engage with your brand. It is important to create a persona of your brand so that customers interact with you on the platform they used to share information.

Here are Some WhatsApp Marketing Tips

Create a Broadcast List – Creating a broadcasting list for customer so that they will not be able to see other and will receive message separately that makes it same to the mailing. This is the best feature that can be used for sending campaigns. You can also add your VIP customers to the list and send exclusive messages and offers. This will help you maintain your engagement with the customers.

Using Chat Groups- It might seem like a broadcast feature but in this, members of the group can see and interact with each other and also can share opinions. It is common for businesses with expensive products, and IT solutions, industrial equipment, and so on.

Making A Product Catalog – WhatsApp business has launched a product catalog that helps you to showcase your product and services. You can also add items to the catalog. You can also send items to WhatsApp users or showcase them anywhere online. Catalogs are extremely helpful for small businesses or aspiring entrepreneurs with no website.

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