Social media has become one of the most significant parts of the marketing strategy. So, Its potential is limitless and have ability to boost traffic, create a brand, and leads to sales in the business. So, Almost 90% of marketers state that social media marketing is the new black in the marketing strategies. To utilize full significance of social media marketing one needs to be aware of all the benefits it can cause to your business .

As stated by one of the social media examiners, despite the rate of marketers using social media marketing, which is almost 95%. But only around 10% are aware of the implementation of the right tools . To know the real significance of social media marketing tools . One needs to fully understand the advantages of using social media marketing to your business.

Here are 5 advantages of using social media marketing correctly to boost your business:

1.) Search Engine Ranking: 

As social media marketing doesn’t play a direct role in search engine ranking. So, the studies have shown that social media marketing helps in boosting search engine ranking up to 60%. Social media marketing helps in providing your business the best chance to raise your ranking, as social media plays a huge roll in driving organic traffic on sites.

2.) Create meaningful content: 

Your content should be engaging and meaningful. So that your viewers like to see what will pleases to their eyes. You cannot use just any image or a post on your social media. It should define your business. Post Regularly: It has been stated that posting regular content keeps the engagement active. So, it helps in driving your viewers to your site. Create conversation: Keeping your followers engaged doesn’t only require active posting it also means polls, live and so much more. Always know what your followers want from you by creating conversation. It keeps them engaged and happy.

 3.) Brand: 

Social Media marketing creates brand awareness which is not only cost-effective but efficient too. So, it is the most efficient digital marketing tool to create a brand and to promote it. Through social media marketing, the demographic of the audience expands to a different platform. Therefore, it helps in bringing more visits and potential customers. To create a brand, create a network of business partners, employees, and sponsors this will increase your engagement on social media platforms.

 4.) Organic Traffic:

Online business craves organic traffic as it drives the potential sale. Relying on only one option for the traffic can be exhausting and the result may take longer. But diving your sources to the different platforms may help in creating a presence in the market as it drives organic traffic from the internet. You create a various gateway through different social media channels. Through various social media platforms, you reach different age demographics like boomers use Facebook and millennials use Instagram and Snapchat. Social media marketing should be added to your marketing mix as it brings a different poll of people to your business. And acquire potential new customers organically.


Social media helps in creating interactive space with your customers which helps in boosting brand loyalty as it is one of the most essential goals in building your brand. Studies show that almost 60% of customers are loyal to the brand they could interact with. Who addresses their concerns and questions. Another study shows that people born from the 1990s to 2000’s millennials are the most brand-loyal demographic that will soon consume the whole market. And social media marketing paves the way for the tech-savvy generation living in the information era to be communicative with their brand.

How does social media marketing affect your brand?

Conversion Rate: 

Some studies have shown that through social media you can gain a 100% higher-lead-to-close rate. Building relationships with customers always benefits the business and the sales. It gives your brand credibility which helps in expanding their customer pool. Your online presence on different social media platforms attract people, the quality of the content is what makes customers stay. Every post may lead to a potential sale as to how it attracts customers. As the social media examiner stated, By using social media almost 6 hours a week you could see the increase in lead generation as stated by almost 65% of the marketers. Social media marketing helps in the conversion rate as it broadens your reach to potential customers.

 Helps in customer analysis: 

Social media marketing gives you solid numbers that could help in understanding your customers. What does your customer want? Social media marketing helps in understanding that with its in-depth analysis on engagements, visits, reach, etc. Social media marketing helps you in going in the right direction when it comes to acquiring new customers. So, to get the best social media marketing service near you, contact Graphketing.

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