What is AI , types of AI and it’s Work ?

What is AI , types and It’s Works ? – Artificial Intelligence is a combination of science and engineering that helps in making machine learning intelligent, especially intelligent programs for computers. Artificial Intelligence is mainly about using computers and machines to understand humans. AI does not have its limits to biologically observable methods.

AI is a field that comprises computer science and robust datasets, to enable problem-solving. It also encircles some fields of machine learning and deep learning, which commonly used in similarity with artificial intelligence. This comprises AI algorithms that help to create an advanced system that makes forecasts or rankings based on the input.

Types of (AI) Artificial Intelligence

  •  Weak AI
  •  Strong AI

Weak AI

We can also call it Narrow AI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence. So, It is trained and focused to perform tasks. Narrow is the most exact type of AI as many firms uses it such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Okay Google, and autonomous vehicles.

Strong AI

It is mainly made up of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence). General AI is a form of AI that has an equal Intelligence as humans have. It has the consciousness that help in solving problems, learning and doing future planning.

SuperIntelligence can surpass human intelligence and can perform more than a human brain capability. Strong AI is conceptual and doesn’t have any examples, it doesn’t mean researchers are not exploring its development. 

There are Four kind of (AI) Artificial Intelligence

Reactive Machine: It uses the most basic AI principles. It is capable of utilizing it’s intelligence to perceive and react in front of the world. The reactive machine cannot reply to past experiences as it cannot store memory as they can only make real-time decisions. Deep Blue is the most famous example of a reactive machine that was designed by IBM in the 1990s.

Limited Memory: AI can store previous data and do predictions while gathering information while looking for clues in the past. It has more complexity and also presents bigger possibilities as compared to reactive machines.

Theory Of Mind: You can only find it in theories as there is no such technology or scientific capability through which we can reach the next level of AI. This is based on the concept of psychological premises that is used to understand other living things. Do they have thoughts and emotions that affect their behaviour? This means AI will understand how humans, animals, and other machines feel.

Self Awareness: It is a type of AI that has a human-level understanding of what exists in the world, as well as the emotional state and their presence. It helps to understand what someone needs and how they communicate about that.

How To Use AI?

There are 2 categories under which AI falls:-

Narrow AI: Wa can also call it a ‘Weak AI’, this AI operates in a limited context. Narrow AI focuses mainly on performing a single task very well. Machines might seem intelligent but they operate in many limitations and difficulties as compared to human intelligence.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): AGI mainly refers to Strong AI. This kind of AI you can only see in movies such as Robots from West world, Data From Star Trek. AGI with general intelligence is just like a human being. It can use its intelligence to solve problems.

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